Paris Jackson Returned On Stage After Surgery For Abscess


paris jackson the 20 year old actress model recently underwent surgery to remove an abscess

So long story short I had surgery yesterday the daughter of michael jackson said in a video posted on her bands instagram story

She said the collection of pus was almost the size of a golf ball and that she needed to get it removed because if it pops you can go septic and die but I didnt die

They operated immediately

In fact the celeb said she declined the use of anesthesia and was awake for all of it

It was definitely the most pain that I’d ever been through in my entire life considering I’m covered head to toe in tattoos but I’m alive she said

An abscess is a pocket of pus that can occur almost any where in the body according to the US national library of medicine

On saturday jackson performed at the canyon sessions fundraiser for cancer in los angeles with her band the sound flowers and she also had one very special fan in the audience her grand mother katherine jackson

The model told her fans it means the world to me to have her grand mother enjoy her music

We wish a speedy recovery to paris






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